About Us


Positive Organic Living is a family owned business,  striving to make our environment a safer place to be. Like many people in the United States today we have noticed the prices of fruits and vegetables going up. We also started looking at the way our fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified and realized this was not the way our family wanted to eat. So, we decided like many families to make a garden in our yard. After researching fertilizers for our family we wanted something that would be safe for our children and for our family pets, something natural and organic. So as a family we decided that we would start our business and give other family's an affordable alternative to many of the fertilizers out there. We have produced a high quality natural fertilizer composed of earthworm castings or commonly known as earthworm poop.



Brenda McBryde, owner, is a family centered woman who has a passion to make the community and world a better place for her children and grandchildren. It is with the passion that she decided to go into the oganic business. She has been active in her community, running the Rally for the Cure for several years.  Every year she dedicated herself and improved the outcome for this charity.  She believes very much in a positive healthy way of living and is very excited to bring this new company to the community.

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