Baby steps

Baby steps


I believe we are what we eat, I buy organic food as much as possible, yet the organic produce in stores are so expensive.  For me, I believe that we could solve a lot of our health issues by taking care of our body by eating healthy, maintaining good habits, exercise and taking care of our souls.  As a mother and grandmother, I feel fthis is very hard to maintain with the cost of produce these days.  A lot of people just can't afford to purchase all "organic" food at the grocery store, especially younger families with children.  So many people including me are trying to go "organic" or "green", not just with food, but in every area of our lives.  Again though, this can be so hard to accomplish.

That is why starting with baby steps, starting that change by recycling and if possible starting an organic garden is a great start.  This not only helps ourselves, we help teach our children and we give immediate start giving back to our environment by simply beginning with baby steps.  It starts with one step, then another and then another, we keep moving forward.  We not only change our lives, but we are examples to others, we can keep this movement going.  I think the point is to make our planet a better place, for our kids, their kids  and so on.  It doesn't matter if we can do everything at once!  That can be overwhelming and discouraging.  Every movement forward will make a difference and will show others that if we can do it, they can too!

A great way to start with little cost is recyleing and to start your own garden using organic fertilizer.  Recycling cost nothing and is a good way to teach your children to help the environment.  Also starting a garden allows you to go green, saves money, since the cost of organic food is so expensive in the grocery store.  Starting a garden is a great way to exercise, enjoying nature, which is good for the soul and can unite the family by getting everyone involved.

Having a garden using all organic fertilizer is easier than you think.  There is plenty of help on the internet, television and asking for help at knowledgeable local garden centers.  You do not need chemicals to produce great food!!  Remember, we are what we eat!!

My Garden's Best Friend Organic Earthworm Castings Fertilizer was developed for the purpose of having an organic, natural fertilizer that can replace chemical fertilizer and give you healthier soil, plants and bodies.  You can't get more natural, earthworm castings truly is Mother Natures way of giving back to our depleted soil.  Also, the great thing is that it is not harmful to you, your pets and children.  You can fertilize your garden, flower beds and yards with no fear of your children helping and your pets from running around...  When I see my neighbor's have signs in their yard after fertilizing that says stay off the yard, I think I should make a sign saying "We fertilized with My Garden's Best Friend Organic Earthworm Castings, feel free to enjoy your yard immediately."

Our fertilizer works great!!  Vegetables are hardy and juicy!  Flowers are more vibrant!  Yards more healthy!

You can have a garden that will turn out to be more than just an attempt at going green, become organic today while helping our environment by using My Garden's Best Friend Organic Earthworm Castings. 



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