Secrets of the Soil, by Tomkins & Byrd

Secrets of the Soil, by Tomkins & Byrd
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Going beyond the rudiments of biology, the authors of this epic book demonstrate that the inherent life force woven through all plants, stones, soil, water, and air is central to our survival, and thoroughly illustrate how our relationship to the soil is of vital importance to our future.

If you want to look beyond Miracle Gro, or even organic cow manure and fish emulsion to help your garden thrive, then this book is a treasure trove of practical as well as entertainingly esoteric information.

There are some heavy duty spiritual corollaries, as well. For example, the authors maintain that the "weeds" in our own lives are designed not to choke us out, but to bring about the right "soil" conditions for our own growth.

From the importance of the vortex in Nature and the relevancy of BioDynamic agriculture to increasing nutrient density in food and the importance of earthworms, this book has something for everyone.

Bottom line, you will increase your understanding of your garden, and how to work with the magnificent energies of Mother Nature.

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