Earth Recharge - 1 Gallon

Earth Recharge - 1 Gallon
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Earth Recharge is genuine BioDynamic humus that can be used for almost every gardening endeavor imaginable!

Earth Recharge is an extraordinarily concentrated product. We typically recommend a tablespoon per gallon application rate and receive measureable results. There are 256 tablespoons in a gallon, which makes this a .0004% by volume application rate

Earth Recharge is screened by hand and crafted in small batches. It is not sterilized, meaning it comes from Nature and can potentially contain small rocks or seeds that germinate in the bag or after planting. This is no cause for alarm, it is the life force at work.

Simply, pluck or turn under into the living soil.

Farm Material, Rock Dust, Kelp, BioDynamic Preparations BD500-508


·       Instant Compost Tea: Use 2 oz. per 5 gallons of water as a biological inoculant, stir in both directions and apply to your garden…it’s that easy!

  • Use with 1 oz. of Earth Tonic per 5 gallons for maximum results.

·       Propagation: Sprinkle and water into plugs or starts ASAP.

·       Custom Soil (Soilless - Hydroponic) mix: Use @ 1-20% by volume in soil mix or growing media. Add more as needed in all stages of growth.

·       Top Dressing / Root Drench: Use 0.5 – 1 oz. per gallon, stir vigorously in both directions. Water into roots weekly.

·       Compost Inoculant: Use 1 cup per month in compost pile for high quality compost. 

·       Soil Recharge: Light Feeders = 2 – 4 cups ; Heavy Feeders = 3 – 5 cups per 50 sq. ft.

·       Transplanting: Sprinkle over the entire surface of hole before all plantings.

·       Tree & Shrub Food: Use liberally around roots 2-4x’s per year.

·       Grass Application: Use 1 gallon per 1000sqft in spring and fall.

·       Pond Treatment: Use 1 gallon for every 1000sq ft. of surface area 2-4x’s per year.

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