VB30 - Vortex Brewer - 27 Gallons

VB30 - Vortex Brewer - 27 Gallons
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Vortex Brewer™ Unique Features

"A Revolution in Creating Living Organic Compost Tea!”

·      A Revolution in Creating Living Organic Compost Tea

·      A Complete Turnkey Compost Tea System using Vortex Motion

·      Based on BioEnergetic, BioDynamic, Homeopathic, & Subtle Energy Concepts

·      Works as an Extractor, Nutrient Mixer, & BioEnergetic Flowform

·      Create Compot Tea, Living Water and Potentized Fertilizers

·      Much Higher Air Infusion & Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Relative to Passive Brewers

·      The Vortex Brewer™ Treats Water as a Primary Nutrient

·      Creates Superior Compost Tea with Stronger & More Capable Microbes

·      More Convenient Than Other Units – Easier to Clean & Use, With Far Less Inputs

·      You Can Perpetually Brew So You ALWAYS Have Compost Tea on Demand

·      A Vortex is Primal and Beautiful to Look At

·      Life is Motion. Motion is Life. The Vortex Brewer™ is Life in Motion.

·      Industry Leading 60 day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty

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