African Nightcrawlers


African night crawlers, scientific name, Eudrillus Eugeniae, originated in tropical areas of West African and have flourished in other warm areas around the globe. It is a prized composting worm for its vermicast,   which is equivalent in size and shape to mice droppings.

African night crawlers are a warm temperate earthworm requiring a minimum temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit in order to survive. African night crawlers are most productive at composting and reproduction at temperatures between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit however room temperature of approximately 70 degrees is sufficient for them. The African night crawler can survive in temperatures of up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade as long as there is moving air over the surface.


Unlike other worms taking a month for the cocoons to hatch, African night crawlers cocoon’s can hatch in as little as 12 days under the right environmental conditions. The cocoons are similar in size and shape of a tomato seed starting out as an olive color when first laid, turning to a darker brown as they mature prior to hatching, and can be very difficult to see for the untrained eye.



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